Speed Memorial Church is a very unique church. It is one of the few churches that practices what their slogan states: “We agree to differ; resolve to love and unite to serve!”  At Speed, we invite and welcome all no matter what their religious background. We also believe that how you come to Jesus Christ is not important, but rather you accept Jesus Christ…your own time and way.

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Sunday: Sept. 15, 2019
Sermon Text: 1 John 5:20
:Sermon: “How’s Your Soil?”
National Back to Church Sunday
Sept. 11: Adult Choir Rehearsal 7 pm
Sept. 12: FB Live Sermon Notes 7 pm
Sept. 12: Euchre Fellowship Hall 7 pm
Sept. 15: National Back to Church
                Sunday 10:45 am

“National Back to Church Sunday”

Join us Sunday, Sept. 15th for “National Back to Church Sunday.”  Across the nation, churches will be celebrating this Sunday. If you have not had the opportunity to go to church or are looking for a church…we invite you to join us at Speed Memorial Church at 10:45 am. 
You are invited to join the adult choir on Wednesday at 7 pm in the church sanctuary. It is a great way of being part of the worship service, Sunday mornings and to praise God!
To rent our Fellowship Hall for an event, please send an email to speedmemorialchurch@yahoo.com or phone the church office at (812) 246-3262.
New study group..,”Sermon Notes.”  Is a  weekly study group live streamed via Facebook at 7 pm every Thursday.  To help prepare you for the group you are invited to view the past Sunday’s sermon video, since the Bible study will be from the previous Sunday’s sermon.